Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wounds and Wizards

Last night at kickboxing we were practicing kick counters (which I think I actually did decently well at), and one of them was to catch the other person's leg as they try to kick you. After you catch their leg, you're supposed to pin it against your side and then try to push them over backward. Meanwhile, the other person is trying to pull away from you. It was pretty fun actually; I almost knocked my instructor down a few times, and he did knock me down a few times, so it worked out well overall. Then at some point, I looked down at my arm and thought "What the fuck is that?" It turns out it's a huge rug burn type bruise that I acquired when he was trying to pull his leg free. So yeah, best kickboxing injury yet! Also, he and I were sparring at the end of class and this little kid walks by with his mom and says "But I want to see them battle." which we both agreed was pretty cool.

On an unrelated note, we are about to leave for the Wizard's Ball where my sister is going to be selling some of her photos and I will be selling my jewelry and weird utility belt things. So, wish us luck.

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