Saturday, September 6, 2014

Practice Makes Slightly Less Shitty

Last night was kickboxing. We mostly worked on different combinations, and a little on footwork (which I have apparently been doing wrong all this time. Awesome.). I Feel like I did pretty well on some of it, not so much on some; though none of it was as bad as last week's left hook and dropped gum fiasco. I think I finally did get the left hook down, by the way, because I practiced it all fucking week.

To go off on a bit of a tangent, for a moment, I've mentioned before that I've been practicing with a jump rope, so I won't look like a total ass if I have to do it in class again. Well the rope I have has a counter on it, so you know how many jumps you've done. Yesterday, I got over two hundred jumps in a row without tripping. I was pretty fucking excited about that.

Anyway, back to class last night. I also took this opportunity to practice my social skills. I actually stayed after class and talked to my instructor. I mean, it was probably for around five minutes or so, and we only talked about kickboxing, but still, I voluntarily spoke to another human. I asked him questions and everything.

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