Sunday, September 21, 2014

Not Exactly According to Plan

Well, the trip yesterday didn't go quite how we expected it to. We started out around 2:00 and had driven for about half an hour out into the middle of nowhere, when the oil light in my sister's car comes on, flashes for about ten seconds, makes an annoying beeping noise, then goes back off. We debated whether or not it was actually something to worry about because it seems like, if it was serious, the thing should have stayed on instead of going back off, right? But we thought it was best to go ahead and check it. So we pull off the road and find the oil completely empty. Since we were basically in the forest at this point, we thought the best bet would be to go back to Mannington. We were both somewhat concerned, less because we really thought the car was going to break down than because we weren't sure what we would do if it did, since the road we were on had not only no businesses, but very few houses, and no cell service. So, we're driving back, crossing our fingers that the car doesn't shit out on us before we get there when we hit a pothole and one of the hubcaps flies off, rolls to the edge of the road, and escapes down over the hill directly into someone's yard. Luckily, we did in fact make it back, put some oil in the car and managed to restart the trip around 3:00. So overall, I guess it worked out okay.

The festival itself was really nice though. Neither of us actually sold anything, but there were a lot of cool people there, the music was great, and the place was beautiful. Plus, once again, my sister got some great pictures.
If you want to see the rest of the pictures, go like her Facebook page

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