Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kickboxing and Colors

There were two new students in my kickboxing class last night (The actual name of which, by the way, is Muay Thai Fundamentals. That will be relevant later in the post). This meant that the class was pretty much a review of things I had done quite a while ago. It worked out okay though because 1- I got to help demonstrate things for the new students, which was kind of cool. And 2- I'm sure I could use the practice on those things anyway. At the end of class, the instructor said to me "So what did you think?" I assume because he realizes that I prefer having just the two of us in class. I kind of laughed and said "Not bad." To which he replied "Well, you know, at some point it was going to have to be an actual fundamentals class instead of just whatever you needed." I suppose that is true. I'm still kind of hoping the other guys don't come back though. Does that make me a bad person? How about if I just hope that they decide to go to class on a different day?

Also, the Festival of Colors is today. I'm pretty excited about it.


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    1. I agree completely! I enjoy it very much.