Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another of Those Intangible Things

This whole dating site thing has me thinking; what is it that makes some people just click and others not? You would think it would be common interests, or shared worldviews, or similar lifestyles, but it's not. At least not necessarily. I honestly don't know what it is. The site that I'm using this time lets you answer these random-ass questions, then other people answer the same questions and it gives you a percentage for the things you have in common. This is helpful, to some extent, because you know if you only match with someone 4% you probably shouldn't waste your time. It's not as helpful as it should be though because, for some reason, that just doesn't determine whether or not you are going to feel a connection with someone. I have found several people, some of whom were vegetarian or vegan, I match with over 90% and still just don't feel like I could talk to them. Either I read their profiles and just don't feel drawn to them at all, or I try talking to them and it just doesn't go anywhere. Then there are people I have known, mostly in real life, who I have seemed to have nothing in common with yet felt totally (or as close to totally as I am capable of feeling) comfortable with. So what the fuck is it? What is that thing that makes people click?
Of course, according to Alex, bad dating is an essential part of being human. So I guess I should just accept it.  

Also, I have actually been talking to a few people; mostly just small talk and bullshit. There is one guy I'm having a real conversation with though, and he seems pretty cool. 

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