Thursday, September 18, 2014

Harder Than It Looks

So, a while back, my dad bought the T25 workout. He bought if for himself, but never actually ended up doing it so today I decided to try it. You see, I've been super pissed off lately and, when I get super pissed off, everything in my life starts getting on my nerves. One of the things that tends to annoy me the most is my daily workout. To be fair, it really was starting to get unreasonable. I started out doing my hour long exotic dance workout. Then, when that got too easy, I started doing it while wearing 5lb ankle weights. Then I moved to 10lb ankle weights. Then I added a bunch of extra stuff after the workout that amounted to around another 30 minutes. So, today I finally said "fuck this!" and decided that, since the majority of my workout was feeling too easy anyway, I might as well try this 25 minute shit. Well, it might have only been 25 minutes, but it was fucking intense! It's one of those deals where you do a different workout every day, and I did start with the cardio one which I knew I would kind of suck at (Cardio had never been my strong suit). But yeah, It was definitely harder than I expected. Even though it just about killed me though, I went ahead and did all of my extra stuff after (you know, just so I would be sure to be nice and sore tomorrow). Anyway, it was nice to have that extra half hour of time to get other stuff done though.
Personal trainer Sam would have been ashamed of me. 

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