Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's Going to Be a Busy Month

I actually have TWO social events this month (plus a "mushroom walk". Yeah, I don't know, I told my sister I would go with her) which, for me, is a bit overwhelming. On the 13th is the Festival of Colors, which we attended, and greatly enjoyed, last year. Then the following weekend, the 19th through the 21st, is the Wizard's Ball. I have never been to this one before, but it looks like it will be ridiculous and amazing. Plus, my sister and I are going to set up and try to sell some of our stuff (her photos, and my jewelry and utility belts). So yeah, if anyone is interested in either of those things (or the mushroom walk) you should totally come. A good time will be had by all......I hope.  
"It's gonna be a busy year." 

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