Monday, September 29, 2014

I Almost Died for Nothing

I've probably talked about this before, but I can't remember for sure so I'll just tell you again. I have white carpet in my bedroom. This was left over from years ago, when my sister had that room. I have no fucking clue why she decided to get white carpet or why my dad let her, but that's what she got. Anyway, now I have to deal with it and, with the number of animals who live in that house (and how poorly behaved they all are), it is completely impossible to keep it even remotely clean.

Yesterday, I got utterly fed up with how incredibly disgusting my carpet was and decided to bleach all of the stains. I figured it would look better to have lighter patches than yellow patches. So I got about halfway through the room when all of the bleach fumes seemed to coalesce. All of a sudden, my lungs and eyes are burning intensely. The smell also wouldn't go away even though I left the window open and the fan running all day. Here's the best part though, when the bleach smell finally did start to dissipate a bit, it turned out that it had somehow reactivated the dormant smell in the stains. So yeah, now my room smells like an absolutely lovely combination of bleach and animals body fluids.


  1. So I'm proposing that we have a slumber party and rip out that carpet. Any idea what's underneath?

    1. I have wanted to do that SOOOO many times! I have no idea what's under there, but it can't be worse than that carpet!

    2. Sounds like a plan then! If needed, we can just get big rugs to put down.