Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mourning Finished Books

I finished Hemlock Grove (the book) recently, and I am extremely upset! Do you ever finish a book, or series and feel like someone you love just died? Maybe that's a bit dramatic, perhaps I should say "moved away". Though about half the time, at least in my case, they actually did die! (Did you think I had gotten over what happened to Mitchell? I didn't!).

I truly do have an uncanny knack becoming far too attached to fictional characters. In this case, even more so in the book than in the series. You see, the more fucked up a character is the more likely I am to become unhealthily attached to them. Well Roman, in the book, was even more fucked up than Roman, in the show. So, naturally, he is my new favorite person.

There was this one line, that was in the book but not the series, that just about killed me. It went like this;

"But she would make it, because maybe he wasn't much of a warrior but if there was one thing he was cut out for it was an epic and retarded act of love."

Despite how non-PC that is (apologies, by the way. Had I been the one writing it, I probably would have gone with "...epic and hopelessly idiotic..." or perhaps ".....epic and suicidally stupid....." or something like that.) the sentient stands. I feel like I'm in the same boat. There aren't a lot of things in this world that I feel particularly well-suited for but, if there's one thing I am cut out for, it's probably that. Anyway, I have WAY more in common with Roman than I should probably ever admit. Yeah, I can relate more closely to a fictional, high school age, Upir guy, with a multitude of psychological problems, than anyone else I'm currently aware of. That's totally healthy.
Then again....... maybe that's been my problem all along, perhaps I'm an Upir and just don't know it. It would explain a lot.

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