Monday, September 8, 2014

Story Time! (....maybe...)

So, I've been telling myself that, since I can no longer waste my time online while I'm at my house, I am actually going to get more things accomplished. One of those things is, hopefully, writing some fiction like I said I was going to. The thing is, even if I make myself start writing some stories, that in no way guarantees that I will actually finish anything. Often I have (what I think is) a good idea, so I start it and then get bored and never finish it. Other times I just come up with (what I think is) an interesting bit of dialogue, but I never bother to fit it into a larger story line. So here is my thought; maybe......maybe, I'll actually start posting some of my random snippets of stories here and get some feedback from you guys. Like "This one is okay, that one sucks." "This is kind of interesting, that's a waste of time." That sort of thing. What do you think? Does anybody have any interest in reading any of my random bits and pieces of stories, that will probably never get finished? That way maybe I'll at least get an idea about which ones I should put my effort into. Right now, I'm kind of working in this weird story..... with a moth. I can't quite decide what it's actually about yet (it's not really about the moth, I do know that much).


  1. A moth story that's not about a moth? Do tell? :)

    1. Hahaha, I don't know. There is a moth, and it's important....somehow. But the story isn't about the moth, it about the girl who finds the moth. It's weird and I have no idea where it's going, if anywhere, but it's at least holding my interest for the time being.