Progress Report

Pull-ups- 10 underhand, 10 overhand, 5 underhand + 5 overhand
Push-ups- 30 regular, 30 triangle
Sit-ups-75 with 50 pound weight
Squats- 30 (of various types) with 50 pound weight
Salmon ladder- still working on it
Hand-stand push-ups- almost there

Bucket List;
1. Get a job I actually like.
2. Get my own place.
3. Live off-the grid.
4. Get my degree.
5. Grow, at least most of, my own food.
6. Go sky-diving.
7. Have a successful relationship.
8. Write a book (that people actually read).
9. Act in an independent film.
10. Improve my social skills (a lot).
11. Speak at an animal rights conference.
12. Do something that would cause people to want me to speak at an animal rights conference. 
13. Be able to run for miles without getting winded.
14. Have a group of vegan friends, that I actually know in real life.
15. Be less angry.
16. Take a martial arts class.
17. Go to Comic-Con
18. Take an exotic dance class.
19. Find a way to stop my hands from getting all bloody and gross every winter.
20. Eat a ghost pepper, and not be a pussy about it like all the videos I've seen.
21. Get a tattoo of my favorite quote from Bold Native.
22. Get a half sleeve tattoo.
23. Get several other tattoos that I have been thinking of.
24. Go to the UK.
25. Have a house with an open floor plan, so I don't have to kick things when I workout.
26. Have sexy pictures taken.
27. Get my stupid skin cleared up.
28. Sing in public.
29. Be brave enough to sing in public without having a heart attack.
30. Intern at Farm Sanctuary's Orland shelter.
31. Win a (physical) fight.
32. Start a vegan, off-the-grid community.
33. Liberate animals (Shhhh. Don't tell anybody that one.)
34. Be able to do pull-ups.
35. Get a better phone (mine is god awful).
36. Sew up my own wound. Yeah, I was actually serious about that.
37. Star using Twitter.
38. Go back to Acton.
39. Visit Portland.
40. Buy a good camera. (Technically, my sister bought it, but still.)
41. Use said camera to take my own pictures to post here, instead of always using ones form the internet.
42. Go to Burning Man.
43. Get married (MAYBE).
44. Make jewelry that people actually want to buy.
45. See something unbelievable. I don't know what, just something.
46. Feel good about my body.
47. Walk through the entire gorge in Watkins Glen.
48. Learn a foreign language.
49. Learn to play an instrument.
50. Come up with fifty more things for this list.
51. Turn my living space into a work of art.
52. Get a decent following for this blog. Not that I don't appreciate those of you who read it now. I DO!
53. Adopt a kid (MAYBE)
54. Feel sane enough that I could adopt a kid without being afraid for his/her sanity.
55. Swim in a waterfall.
56. Go rock climbing.
57. Do any of the art projects I have thought about doing over the years.
58. Go cliff-diving.
59. Be an inspiration to someone.
60. Go to Time Square on New Year's Eve, and don't freak out from all the people.
61. Go someplace that's supposedly haunted.
62. Start a video blog.
63. Buy a punching bag. *Buy another punching bag, since mine was devoured by weevils. 
64. Learn how to do those crazy yoga poses I'm always seeing pictures of. I've got a few of them anyway. 
65. Do roller derby.
66. Learn to manage my time.I'm a lot better than I used to be. 
67. Learn to do Parkour.
68. Have a life that makes me wake up with a sense of enthusiasm.
69. Die knowing that my life meant something.
70. Learn to fix things, all sorts of things.
71. Learn how to have fun.
72. Be a better activist.
73. Buy an Ipod.
74. Lear to stand up for my beliefs, in a productive way.
75. Like real life better than fiction.
76. Stop feeling awkward all the time.
78. Swim in the ocean at night. I did that once, but I was too young to really enjoy it.
79. Learn to shoot a gun.
80. Start an animal sanctuary.
81. Find people I can count on the help run said sanctuary.
82. Find an exercise that will get my legs to look the way I want them to. Squats. 
83. Jump through a window, you know like in the movies. This may very well result in the necessity of #36.
84. Learn to find meaning in the mundane aspects of life.
85. Go someplace where I have to get really dressed up.
86. Dance with someone. Maybe at the above place?
87. Learn to speak with various accents.
88. Earn respect.
89. Give people a reason to care about what I have to say.
90. Save a life.
91. Be well-known, even if only in some small, obscure circle.
92. Be less distracted.
93. Stop doing that weird nervous tick thing with my ear.
94. Gain better skills for dealing with the animals, so I don't yell at them.
95. Stop being embarrassed about things I did years ago.
96. Let go of past disappointment.
97. Discover the best balance between being nice and being bad-ass and then achieve that :)
98. Go to and/or have parties, and actually enjoy them.
99. Find true love (I know, super cheesy! Whatever, I'm out of good ideas).
100. Always do my best to be a good person. 

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