Monday, September 15, 2014

Chronic Indecisiveness

I think, in my entire life, I have made a maximum of three major decisions that I have actually been fairly certain of (don't ask me what they are though, because I don't actually know). Pretty much everything else, I have gone back and forth about consistently ever since the decision was made. For instance, I still often wonder if I should have stayed in college and gotten my psychology degree.

Psychology is one of the few things that I find genuinely fascinating (Well actually, there are lots of things that I find fascinating, but it's one of the only ones that has the tiniest bit of real world value). I'm currently reading Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung, and it's just so interesting. Jung is the only person I've ever known of to combine psychology with mythology, which is just so very cool to me. It's also quite outdated in some of the attitudes expressed (It was written back in the sixties) but, for the most part, the concepts are still valid. The point here is, I left school and now here I am reading the same stuff I would have been reading if I were still there. The other point is, if you like psychology and/or mythology you should totally read this book because it's really interesting stuff (just try to ignore the occasional offensive comment).
Also, notice the picture or ouroboros (the snake eating his own tail) on the cover? That was a huge recurring theme in Hemlock Grove, and I ordered this book before I ever started watching Hemlock Grove. I really wish I could ask Jung what the deeper meaning behind that is. And, the part I was reading today made mention of Persephone (the goddess I named my moth story character after). 

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