Friday, September 5, 2014

And Another

Another thing that this whole online dating bullshit gets me thinking about is why I even need to do this in the first place. Why is it that some people have such an easy time attracting other people and others just can't seem to manage that, no matter what we do? I spend a depressing amount of time thinking about this. Seriously, what the fuck is that? It's not just physical attractiveness, because you see plenty of not-particularly-attractive people in relationships. It's not based on how friendly a person seems, because I know for a fact that I smile at people compulsively; I don't want to, it's just a reflex (I think it's residual effect from working retail). It's not just that I'm too weird, because I've seen girls who look like me in relationships a million times. So what the fuck is that unidentifiable thing, that I just don't have, that tells other people "Hey! I am, in fact, not an inanimate object that just happens to be sitting here."
I did once have someone tell me that I looked like a mannequin though......maybe they really do think I'm an inanimate object....... 

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