Thursday, July 31, 2014

Score One for My Team

You guys know about my love/hate relationship with Netflix, right? Specifically how I hate myself for loving it so much? Well now I love it even more! I think it's so cool that they are making their own original shows now, because they don't have to follow all the stupid rules that network shows do. I just finished Hemlock Grove (all the episode that have been released so far anyway) and it was fantastic! here's why:

1- It's just so fucking weird, how could I not love it?
2- The characters talk like real people, none of this censored for TV shit.
3- All of the characters are just so incredibly fucked up, which automatically makes me love them.
4- It has, by far, the coolest and most disturbing werewolf transformations I have ever seen.
5- You know how pretty much every show has that one girl who everyone wants? Like, for some inexplicable reason ever guy who sees her just falls in love with her? Well, in season 2 that girl is a (thoroughly) tattooed vegan! This gives me a great deal of hope for my future.

Seriously, how often does the weird, tattooed, vegan, girl get the guy?.......or both of them?

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