Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Well That Explains a Lot

You guys know my weird stuck together toes that I posted a picture of a while back? Well, I recently found out that it is called syndactyly and, much more interestingly, that Celtic myths associate it with selkies. Selkies are creatures who can transform from seals to humans by shedding their seal skins. Supposedly they would often remove their seal skins and dance on the shore at night. The article I found that mentioned the toe thing contained this line that felt very familiar to me "Seal people are said to be cursed with a constant longing for what they do not have: when they are swimming in the water as seals, they yearn to be on land, and when they walk on two legs as a human, they long to be in the sea." So yeah, maybe that's why I'm never satisfied with anything; I'm a fucking selkie. 

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