Thursday, July 24, 2014

Finishing What I Start

I have this weird compulsion to always finish books that I start, even if I don't particularly care to. Incidentally, I also feel like I always have to read everything in the book, even things that are not particularly important, such as introductions, acknowledgements, whatever. I'm always trying to force myself to read informative type books interspersed with my various horror, fantasy, sci-fi, stories. Sometimes I find them really interesting but other times I don't. Unfortunately, by the time I realize I'm not that interested in them its too late. I have already committed myself to reading them, and I refuse to admit defeat. So I end up leaving them laying on my night stand and reading little snippets of them at a time until I finally reach the end. I have a book there now that I have been working on for at least two months. Every time I look at it I berate myself for not having finished it yet, but I just can't read more than a couple of pages before I get utterly bored and go back Sandman which, despite my best efforts to drag it out, I have almost finished.
He calls to me. 

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