Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We Need a Better System

You know what I think? I think a person's age should be based on what he or she has accomplished in life. Like, if someone has a really bad year and their life really doesn't progress at all, they shouldn't have to get older. We should all just stay the same age until we do things that help us to be more qualified to be adults. For example; someone who lives with her dad, doesn't have a relationship (or any prospects for one, for that matter), only has a (very) part-time job, has no social life, and generally just has no fucking clue what she is doing with her life should not be allowed to be 27. You know who should get to be 27? People who are married and have kids and shit.
I'm basically just a baby. 


  1. Yes! I also should not be allowed to be 27. It's ridiculous that I'm only 3 years from 30. I'm not qualified for this.

    1. I know! I keep thinking about that too. 30 just sounds so wrong!