Monday, July 28, 2014

Weird-Ass Weather

The weather the last couple of days has bee the strangest I think I have ever seen. On Saturday evening, the sky turned all yellow and there was an exceptionally bright rainbow accompanied by thunder and lightening. Then yesterday there was apparently a tornado spotted somewhere near here. In Mannington the entire sky clouded over with the exception of one tiny spot of sun off in the distance. One corner of the sky had a solid mass of dark clouds while another had these weird, almost greenish, cloud formations. Then it got really cold all of a sudden and there was a long, continuous clap of thunder that lasted for a good minute. Finally it poured the rain for maybe five minutes and then it was all just over. That is, except for the off-and-on drizzle which was still enough to knock out my internet.
Mayhap it was a reality storm. 

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