Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Break

My recent internet connection issues have led me to a decision. I am going to try taking a break from some of my online activities. Being without the internet always forces me to find other things to do, and this makes me realize how many other things I actually have to do. I'm still going to try to keep up with important things like this blog (although I suppose it's importance is debatable), and email. But I am going to try to lay off a bit on the more frivolous things, like say scrolling through Pinterest for hours. The things is, as much as I may enjoy it, I always have something more important to do. I have about a thousand books I want to read, there is always a shit-ton of stuff to do around the house, I'm always telling myself that I should write more, I have all these projects I keep wanting to start, etc. So, at least for the time being, I am going to do my best to restrain myself from any purely time-wasting online activities.

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