Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fuck This Day, Repeatedly!

I honestly think there are some days when the Powers That Be, just try to see how angry I can actually be before I have an fucking aneurysm.

First of all, our internet was out last night and this morning. This is probably the most efficient way to send me into an intense rage. It takes about three seconds of a page not loading for me to be ready to throw my computer through a wall.

Then, I had to clean up cat vomit, because I seem to spend about half of my life cleaning up some sort of bodily excretions anymore.  

The best part though, was when I let the dogs outside and they immediately cornered a cat who had gotten inside the fence. Now, Riley Pug is about the least violent dog who ever lived, but Chuck is a fucking asshole, and my dad's dogs are complete murderous bastards who immediately started trying to tear the cat apart. So I had to literally grab them and throw them away from the cat then hold them off long enough for him to slip back through the fence. All the while they're lunging forward and growling at me for having the audacity to take away their new chew toy. Fucking assholes!

And to top it all off, while I was exercising my bracelet got caught on my earring and jerked it right out of my ear. It's okay though because it only bled a little bit. Though I did have to crawl around on the floor and look for the damn thing because it blended in with the carpet.

Basically what I'm saying is........  

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