Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Rarity

You will not hear me say this very often but I had a pretty good day yesterday. I had my kickboxing class, which always makes things a little better. Shockingly though, the rest of the day actually went really well also.

Yesterday morning I realized that I hadn't read my tarot cards for quite some time, so I did a reading. It was quite insightful and, I think, pretty helpful. I'm still contemplating it, but I think basically what it was saying is that, at this point, I have (mostly) become the person I want to be but that I'm too closed off. I need to let go of all the bullshit and insecurities from my past and let people in more. It also told of good things to come, which I am trying very hard to believe since that would be such a change of pace for me. The terms dream job, new adventures and soulmate were all mentioned.

Then I decided to leave early and go do some clothes shopping before class, since all of my clothes are falling to pieces. The reason my clothes are falling to pieces is because I put off buying new ones as long as possible since trying to buy new clothes is one of the most frustrating things in the world for me. This is mostly because I try to buy used ones as much as possible, both for environmental and financial reasons. I do make an exception for tank tops because Forever 21 (I know, not exactly my kind of place) sells them for under two dollars and they always fit perfectly. Anyway, yesterday I found several of said tank tops, two new pairs of jeans, a pair of pajama/workout pants, and a pair of scrub pants for work. Victory!

Class went really well too. I finally paid for my classes, which was quite a relief. I have been sort of paranoid that something was going to go wrong and I was going to realize that I couldn't afford them. Last night I paid $100 for a punch card worth ten classes. I think it seems like a hell of a deal especially since I have, for the most part, been the only person in class. I'm basically paying ten dollars a week for a personal trainer. I also got complimented on my abilities by three different people including my instructor, a student from another class, and a guy who was working out in the mall.

So, overall.....

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