Friday, August 29, 2014

Maybe There's Hope for Me Yet

I am totally absorbed in Hemlock Grove. I was a bit concerned about reading it, because I loved the show so much and I was afraid that I might not like the author's writing style, which could totally ruin the story for me. He's really quite excellent though. He describes things in a way that is quite poetic at times, but without being too fluffy, but still writes dialogue that sounds like real people.

Aside from just enjoying the story though, this book has me thinking, I should really write some fiction. I've started about a thousand different stories and I never follow through with them. I either lose interest, I don't know where to go with them, or (as has happened on several occasions) my computer gets fucked up and they get lost. The reason I say this book has me thinking about it again is because it worked out really well for Brian McGreevy. According to the bio on the back cover "Brian McGreevy grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now lives in Los Angeles. He is the head writer and executive producer of the Netflix adaptation of Hemlock Grove." I researched him online and there isn't much to be found but, as far as I can tell, this is the only book he has ever written. So basically, he writes one good book and now he gets to live in LA and write his own series. And, because he is the one writing the series, they didn't fuck it all up like they usually do when they adapt a book for film or TV. Since that sounds to me like just about the best thing that could ever happen to anyone, maybe I should work on writing a fucking book.
......or work in Hollywood, either will do. 

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