Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy 600th Post

I wanted to come up with something kind of special for the 600th post, but I've got nothing. Sorry. So instead I'm going to bore the crap out of you by doing a tarot reading and posting it here.

1- The issue at hand- Eight of cups. Interference by another person, wandering, wrong path, abandoning all, searching for fulfillment, trying to balance relationships, uncertain about whether to stay in a situation or leave.

2- An obstacle of vehicle- Knight of wands. Unassuming, hard-working, kind, loyal, quietly ambitious, justice-serving, reliable, responsible, will like you unconditionally until you prove you can't be trusted, dislikes confrontation, " Just remember, even though he appears gentle and methodical, like that quiet, mountain
lake, beneath his calm surface lies a dormant volcano, ready to come back to life."

3- The way I want the situation to progress- Judgement. Reward, favorable judgement, you have led your life well, positive things will come your way, your judgement of character is accurate.

4- Events that led to the issue- Three of swords. Sorrow, grief, heartache, hanging on to hurts, refusing to move on, let go of hurt and move on with your life.

5- Near past- Two of pentacles. Imbalance, coveting, insufficient income, foolish spending, juggling money.

6- Near future- Five of wands. Surrounded by conflict, being in the middle, backbiting, tension at work, competition vs. cooperation, conflict of unknown direction or indistinct aim.

7- The most important aspect of the issue- Four of wands. Marriage, celebration, happy home-life, joy contentment, being blessed, you are ready for all the good things life has to offer.

8- How others affect the situation- Page of wands. Compassionate, wise, peace-loving, learns to keep her own council at an early age, loves all types of creatures, emotionally sound, intelligent and mature, adventurous.

9- My hopes and fears- Queen of wands. Nurturing, healing, benevolent, loyal, loves nature, adept at using products of nature, easy going but works in active/high energy way, pleasant, quiet, efficient, always working in the background, "It's not likely that anyone even notices what she does at work, unless, of course, she is not there to do it and things begin to fall apart."

10- The outcome- The emperor. Fatherhood, lessons, "The Emperor is the father figure, the authority figure and a very accomplished male. His authority is achieved by wisdom and experience.", becoming a parent, lessons learned from parents, acquiring a new male authority figure, seek advice from older or wiser soul.

I'm not going to annoy you further by actually explaining what I interpret this to mean. I will say that, while I'm not entirely sure what to make of that outcome, the rest seems pretty much dead on.
This is the layout I use, in case anyone cares. 

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