Sunday, August 10, 2014

Did I Say Something Wrong?

One other failed attempt at social interaction occurred at kickboxing Friday, along with what I talked about yesterday. There were a couple of guys hanging out in the other room during my class, and they started to leave the same time my class was ending. They were talking to my instructor, and then one of them turned to me and said "You have a lot of cool tattoos. I would get one but I'm afraid of needles." Now, I could have just thanked him and let it go, but I decided to try for the social interaction thing. I said "It's not bad; it doesn't feel like getting a shot or anything." To which he replies "Really? Cause that's what I'm afraid of." Now here is the part where I failed. I decided to try to explain to him what it does feel like, and creeped everybody right the fuck out. I said "Yeah, it's more like a scratch." He gave me sort of a skeptical look, so I decided to clarify by stating "Kind of like a cat scratch or something, know....for like two hours." He, and everyone else, then proceeded to give me this look. 

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