Saturday, August 16, 2014


I think I did much better at kickboxing last night than I did at the previous class. For one thing, the other student wasn't there (I don't know, I'm just much better at fighting against people I know are significantly better at it than me). However, the other instructor I had met a couple of times before was there. So yeah, me + two instructors. Apparently there was a reason for it; I guess they were both supposed to meet with somebody who just never showed up. Anyway, I feel like I embarrassed myself much less than last time, and I actually got to do some (sort of) real fighting. My usual instructor and I did this weird-standing-up-wrestling-thing, which I believe he said is called "clench" during which he knocked me down twice. Then, at the end of class, I sparred with each of them and the other instructor punched me in the eye. Because I am a crazy person, I think both of these things are fantastic!
Also, at one point they were trying to decide what to do next and my usual instructor said "Well, since she never seems to get tired....." Which I thought was pretty fucking cool. 

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