Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That's Very Helpful, Thanks

I was just saying a few days ago how, lately, the internet here has been much more reliable than it used to be. Well, it turns out that it's only like that until around 5:30 am and then it goes back to being complete shit again. I slept in yesterday, meaning I didn't get up until almost 6:30, and Hughesnet decided to punish me.

The internet wasn't just slow, it was unbearably slow and it kept randomly cutting out entirely. So I would be waiting for fifteen minutes for a page to load and then it would come up and tell me that it couldn't connect. Well, your know that button on the key board that turns the WiFi on and off? I found recently that if I tap that button a couple of times it will sometimes kick the internet back on. Apparently, yesterday I did that a few too many times and it just decided to shut off and refuse to come back on.

I tried checking for connection multiple times, I tried restarting my computer, I tried turning it off and leaving it off for several hours, I tried taking it to my mom's house to see if it would connect to her WiFi, nothing. Finally, I opened the troubleshooter to see if it could find anything. The troubleshooter was like "Oh hey! Here's your problem! You're not connected to the internet." and I was like "No shit?" and it was like "Would you like to fix this problem?" and I was like "Uh yeah, I would. I would like to fix that problem."  

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