Sunday, August 17, 2014


My sister, my dad, and I watched Divergent last night. I had heard some very good things about it and, I must say, it lived up to the hype. For one thing, all three of us really liked it which is exceptionally rare. It got me thinking though, I wish that whole program that makes you face your fears actually existed because I'm honestly not sure what mine would be. I just don't think any of my fears would really work in that situation. I mean, how do you face the fear that your life will never mean anything? or that you'll never learn to connect with other people? I suppose they could put me in a party where I don't know anyone, or make me swim through sewage, but I think both of those would be pretty lame.
Also, Dauntless had some seriously cool tattoos. The way they did the tattoos was highly disappointing though. For people who were not supposed to be afraid of pain, the painless tattoo process seemed rather weird. I think they should have gone with the ancient method, with the comb thing and the little hammer. That would have been impressive. 

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