Saturday, May 31, 2014

Well I've Been Afraid of Changing

Actually I haven't, but everyone else has. Anyway, this is somewhat of a follow up to yesterday's post, but less bitchy (I swear).

Considering how adaptable humans are, it seems strange to me how many of us are so very terrified of change. People get themselves trapped in really awful situations simply because they are afraid that they won't know how to handle a new situation. We stay in jobs, cities, relationships, that we hate because there's a chance that the next one might end up being worse.

Personally, I've always had the opposite problem. My greatest fear is that things will stay the same. I just can't bear the thought that my whole life will be the way it is now. I'm sort of addicted to change. Things always seem better to me when they're new. I never stay at the same job for long because once that newness wears off, I generally find that it's really not any different than the last job.

I change everything in my life all the time because I'm always looking for that perfect...... whatever. I change my wardrobe, my makeup, my sleep schedule, my diet (Well, parts of it anyway. I'm obviously always going to be vegan.), my job, my whole life-plan, in the desperate hope that one of them will make me feel like I'm on the right track. Basically my entire life has been a quest for anything that I like well enough to keep.
This image is kind of relevant, but mostly just an excuse to use a picture of Mitchell. Also, the post title is a line from Landslide, which is a really great song for anyone who doesn't know. 

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