Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Quest for a Decent Pair of Gloves

Remember a few days ago when I was bitching about how I can never seem to find exactly that I'm looking for online? Well, I need a new pair of gloves and I can't find any! I've been wearing the ones I made for quite some time now, and they're falling apart. All I can ever seem to find though are the knitted ones and they're just not practical for warm weather. I thought about buying weight lifting gloves, because they're sort of similar to what I want. Get this though, the men's sizes come in black but the women's sizes are all obnoxiously bright colors. Because, apparently, all women need their workout gear to be neon pink.
I really want some like these ^ and I can't find them anywhere. What really pisses me off is that I've seen several of my favorite characters wearing them, so they have to exist somewhere. Along with Black Widow, Captain America, Max Guevara, and Charles Gunn have all been known to wear gloves like these and I need some! Damn you internet! Where can I find these? and, more importantly, do they come in something other than leather? 

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