Friday, May 2, 2014

True Love (?) Part 1: 500th Post

The other day, I asked for suggestions on what I should write about for my 500th post. Well, my dad said he wanted me to write about the idea of "true love." I informed him that I wrote a seven post series about love not long ago, but he still wanted me to. So here goes. I'm honestly not sure if "true love" exists or not. I have seen little hints of it here and there, but mostly it seems like most relationships tend to go to shit after a while.

Do you guys know where the term "soulmates" actually came from? I didn't until recently. In case you are as uninformed about the subject as I was, here's the story. It came from Greek mythology. Supposedly humans used to have four arms, four legs, and two faces. Zeus decided that humans were too powerful and were becoming a threat to the gods. So he split them in two, leaving each person with a deep longing to find the other half of his/her soul. Kind of beautiful, yeah? I also recently saw a theory someone from Tumblr came up with that the atoms that were together at the creation of the universe are drawn back to each other. Therefore, the people made up of those atoms are drawn to each other as well. I find that equally beautiful.

Anyway, I don't know about the whole soulmate thing. It's a really lovely idea, and sort of comforting to those of us who don't have the best luck with relationships "Oh, it's okay. I just haven't met my soulmate yet." Sounds a lot better than "I'm just unlovable." Unfortunately, I find it much more likely that the success or failure of a relationship depends much more on the attitudes of the people involved and, perhaps even more so, on the circumstances around them. I think tomorrow I'll talk about all the reasons I think so many relationships fail these days. Also, here's a cute little cartoon depicting the Greek myth.

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