Tuesday, May 27, 2014

That Perfect Song In That Perfect Moment

Do you ever have that experience where you hear a song that is just so perfect for the moment in which it plays? It happens in real life from time to time, and those moments are especially poignant. Since my real life is boring as shit, I most often have this experience during movies or TV shows. My sister and I were discussing this a couple of days ago. Every once in a while, they manage to fit the song to the scene so perfectly that the two sort of become inseparable in your mind. You hear the song and immediately see the scene playing in your mind, or you think about the scene and have this intense need to listen to the song. Apparently this is not something that happens to everyone, neither of my parents seem to have any idea what I'm talking about. My sister does though. She thinks it's a generational thing. Then again, maybe she and I are just weird.

Supernatural and Dollhouse are both exceptionally good at this. 

This was one of my favorites from Dollhouse. Lonely Ghosts by O+S.

The devil that you know
is  better than the one you don't
and so it goes. 
Like lonely ghosts 
at a roadside cross
we stay because 
we don't know where else to go. 

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