Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mayhap I Should Just Live in a Bubble

You know what's stupid? I'm the healthiest person I know; I never get sick. Yet I am unnaturally paranoid about germs. It's so bad that, if I'm every around someone who is sick, I end up being a complete bitch to them. I can't help it; to me sitting next a sick person honestly feels like sitting next to someone who is trying to light me on fire. Logically I know that it's not that person's fault and that they're not actually trying to infect me, but it doesn't help. Every time they breathe in my general direction I can hear the flick of the lighter, and I have to restrain myself from punching them in the face and running away as fast as I can. Furthermore, you never know exactly how long a given illness takes to incubate, so I go ahead and obsess about it for upwards of a week after the encounter. 

I say this now because apparently my sister has some kind of god-awful stomach thing (which, by the way, is the thing I am most paranoid about in the entire world) and as much as I want to feel bad for her, all I keep thinking about is how she was sitting right next to me yesterday. Does that make me a truly awful person? I'm pretty sure it does. I really do hope she feels better. I also probably will not go anywhere near her for several days. 

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