Thursday, June 5, 2014

Heroes and Villains

As a continuation of my post from last night I wanted to talk about my own perspective on good and evil. I think this is part of the reason I'm so drawn to the (kind of) evil characters. I saw this quote recently that said "Every villain is the hero of his own story." By the way, I tried looking that up and lots of people have used it but no one seems to know who said it in the first place. This really pisses me off, so if anyone happens to know who said this I would love to know. Apparently there was a similar quote by Tom Hiddleston, in regards to Loki, but it wasn't exactly the same.

Anyway, I think that's kind of what I like about those characters who go back and forth between good and evil, the heroism it takes for them to do the right thing. I've always had the tendency to see every story from both sides and I kind of feel like people who have always been good don't really have to work to do the right thing. Therefore being good, for them, is not a heroic act; it's just their nature. However for someone who, for whatever reason, is more inclined to do the wrong thing being good, even if only for a little while, is heroic. Also, many times the villain is someone who truly believes he/she is doing the right thing. The only thing that actually makes these people villains is the fact that the hero doesn't agree with their methods.
On a related note, I finally watched the final season of Being Human and, even though I'll never get over Mitchell, I actually really love Hal. 

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