Monday, June 16, 2014


As I believe I have mentioned in the past, I like to multitask whenever possible. Therefore I end up eating while checking my email, Facebok, Pinterest, etc. every day. This works out pretty well, since there really aren't that many other things you can easily do while eating.  There's only one problem, the fact that my keyboard has now become infested with crumbs and now half of the keys only work if you jab at them viciously. It makes everything I do online fairly irritating, and writing this blog downright infuriating. I'll type out a whole paragraph and then look at the screen to see everything covered in red squiggles. I then react somewhat like this.


  1. You might be able to clean them with compressed air, or you might be able to remove them, clean, and pop them back on. I know all this from my own sad experience with crumbs. Just be aware that keys don't always go back on as easily as they came off.

    1. Thank you :) I'm going to have to get some compressed air. Yeah, that's why I haven't tried taking the keys off yet. I'm hoping I won't have to resort to that.