Sunday, June 8, 2014

ShameFUL Self-Promotion *Update

Sorry there was no post last night. I really need to get back on a schedule with these things. Anyway, today is that craft show I mentioned a while back. It's in the parking lot of the Fairmont Wal Mart, because they want to make sure everyone knows this is a classy event. It's probably for the best that this thing is basically a big joke though, seeing as how I am utterly unprepared for it. I have neither price tags for my stuff nor change to give people if they buy anything. I'm thinking about just making everything the same, even, price. That way I won't have to worry too much about either. Anyway, here is all the stuff I will be trying, in vain most likely, to sell today. So, if you're interested in buying any of these lovely, hand-made items come on out to the Wal Mart parking lot at 2:00.

*Well never mind, folks. Apparently it's been postponed due to rain. Which is kind of stupid, since it rains every fucking day here. But whatever. 

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