Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just Cute That's All

Tonight when I went to feed Riley and Tuni, as I started to pull their water bowl out from the wall, I heard this little splash. It was starting to get dark outside so there was still some light in the barn, but not enough for me to actually see what had fallen into the bowl. So I walked over and turned on the light and when I got back to the bowl I saw this tiny little mouse just sort of floating with his little front feet on the side of the bowl. He's just staring up at me with this look of not so much fear as just confusion and disappointment. I first tried picking him up by his tail, so he wouldn't be able to bite me, but he was so small that I couldn't get a hold of his tail. Finally I just thought "Fuck it! How much harm can he really do?" and scooped him out. He didn't even try to bite me, and when I put him down he ran a few feet away and sat next to the wall watching me for several minutes. There really wasn't a point to this story; it was just super cute.  
Here is a cool painting of a mouse by Johannes Holm. 

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