Saturday, February 28, 2015


Sorry this post is so late, I was busy today (by "busy" I mean I wasted the better part of my day and then had to go grocery shopping).

Anyway, last night in class we worked on blocking punches. We had to partner up again, and this time I ended up working with the young girl's mom. (To go off on a bit of a tangent here for a second, I actually think it's pretty cool that they're taking the class together. I feel like sharing an activity like that could be a good way to strengthen any relationship.) Unfortunately, I wasn't really any more comfortable hitting the mom than I was hitting the daughter, mostly because the mom didn't seem particularly comfortable with being hit. I guess we did okay overall, but it's just not feeling like I'm getting much of anywhere with this anymore. As I have said before, what I really need is someone who will just kick my ass until I learn to defend myself. Enough with this gentle practice with people who don't actually want to fight shit!

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