Monday, February 2, 2015


Today is Imbolc (or, for most of you probably, groundhog day). Either way, it's supposedly the turning point toward spring. I have to be honest, I'm not really feeling that today, but it's still a nice thought. The idea is sort of about everything coming to fruition, like all the plants that have been hibernating underground all winter starting to come back to the surface. It's also about honoring Brid (there are about 8000 different ways to spell her name but, from what I can tell, that seems to be the original one.) Anyway, she was so cool that, even though she was a pagan goddess, the church adopted her as a saint, Saint Brigid. Which is understandable, I guess, because she is pretty damn impressive. She is a goddess of, among other things, poetry, art, metal smithing, and healing.
Image by papermuse

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