Sunday, February 1, 2015

Flying Pigs Jewelry Lives! or...It Will.....Soon

Recently, for some reason that I don't understand, I have been getting a bunch of new likes on Flying Pigs Jewelry's Facebook page. This would be great, were it not for the fact that I haven't actually had anything listed in my shop for months. Now I just feel kind of guilty that there are all of these people interested in my stuff and I have nothing to offer them. I finally got (somewhat) motivated and made a few new things a couple of weeks ago, but I realized that all of the pictures I took of my older stuff were pretty terrible and there was really no point in posting a bunch of new terrible pictures. Well, my sister was kind enough to take some pictures of my stuff today. So sometime in the near future I will be re-posting most of the things I had listed before (with new, better, pictures) along with a few new things. So yeah, if you're into weird, sometimes animal rights themed, sometimes nature themed, sometimes who the fuck knows themed jewelry, I will soon have things for you.
For example ^

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