Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oh, Cruel Fate!

With the weather the way it has been lately, I've been forced to step outside my comfort zone quite a bit. You know how I've talked about how nervous it makes me to drive my mom's car on bad roads? Well, considering the fact that my road has been, at least partly, covered in ice for the last two weeks, I've pretty much had to get over that. Basically, I've just been doing whatever I was planning to do regardless of what the roads were like, and it's been working out just fine.

Then, today, I actually had plans. Not just going to Kroger like I do every week (I needed to do that too, by the way) but actual plans. You know, the fun kind. Now, I knew it was supposed to snow today, but I thought "So what? I've been driving on bad roads every day. How bad can it be?" To which Fate replied "Oh, have you been driving on bad roads? Let's see you drive through this two foot tall snow bank, I'm just going to drop right here in the middle of the road." Now, not only do I not get to do what I was planning to do, or buy any groceries, but I'm stuck in my fucking house all day with nothing to do!

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