Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Planning Ahead

Lately it has been bugging the shit out of me that I don't feel like I have enough room in my exercise room. It's just not big enough for me to do everything that I want to do without bumping into the walls, or the ceiling, especially now that I have been trying to do this capoeira stuff. I mean, what I'm doing now is pretty basic, but if I want to do the more complicated stuff (which I do) I'm going to need to be able to move freely without having to worry about kicking the ceiling. I was talking to my dad about trying to raise the ceiling in there, and maybe take out this one wall that sticks out into the room. It's still just never actually going to be what I need though. Then, today, I realized that it would be much better to just clean out our basement and make it into my own personal little gym. There is a ton of space down there that is currently just being used to hod a bunch of shit that we are never going to use. It's filthy, of course, and full to the brim, but it could be pretty amazing with a little work. So yeah, I'm thinking this spring I'm going to work on getting myself a nice arrow-cave-like workout space.
We actually have some jars that look very much like this ^ in our basement right now. Gross. 

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