Thursday, February 26, 2015

Well That's Pretty Cool

I just read the Legion book series (or the first two, anyway. There damn well better be a third one, since the second one left on a rather ridiculous cliff-hanger). I decided to read them because I found this article on Buzzfeed that said anyone who liked Supernatural should read these books. They actually were pretty similar, a little more teenage social drama than I generally like, but other than that they were quite good.  Anyway, part of the first book was set in WV, which is cool since half the country doesn't even know we're a state, and the WV State Penitentiary (our, supposedly haunted, old prison) was a fairly major part of the story. So yeah, I was pretty happy about that. Plus, it reminded me that I've never actually been to the state penitentiary, and this is a situation which I need to remedy.

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