Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Road So Far

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Here is my annual summary of my "accomplishments" from the past year. Okay, let's start with what I did and did not manage to check off of my to-do list from last year.

1- Do some real activism. Also, write more animal right related posts here.- 
I did not, in fact, do any real activism, but I did write a few animal rights related posts. So I guess that's something. 

2- Find a way to make enough money to get by without wishing I were dead.
I'm calling this one close enough.

3- I am going to rephrase the "social skills" one a bit and say that I want to start doing more social activities., and  find, at least, one that I actually enjoy.
I'm counting my martial arts classes for this one. I think that's as close as I'm likely to get to any social activities.

4- I still really want to take a martial arts class.
I have, in fact, been taking two. Plus my capoeira DVD. 

5- I damn well better be able to do a fucking pull up by next year! 
I should get bonus points for this one! Since I'm now at ten overhand and ten underhand. 

6- I AM going to go back to Farm Sanctuary this year, and hopefully back to the Festival of Colors as well.
Once again, I did not make it to Farm Sanctuary, but I did go back to the Festival of Colors.

7- Learn to act like one of those confident girls. Who know, stand up for myself, stand up for my beliefs, talk to people.
I'm giving myself half a point for this one. I'm definitely better than I used to be, but I still have a long way to go.

8- Learn to make metal jewelry, and hopefully actually sell some.
Not so much, but I'm working on it, okay!?

9- Write more poetry, and hopefully perform it somewhere.
I have actually read my poems aloud twice now. I sucked at it, but I did it. Also, I may do it again toward the end of January. Maybe.

10- Buy a car. A cool one would be nice but, at this point, I would settle for a piece of shit one.
Hah! No.

11- Write something more substantial than a blog post. Get another article published? Write for the Flaming Vegan? Work on the "book" I started writing forever ago? Something.
I did actually submit a short story to a magazine. I still don't know if it will be published but hey, I tried.

12- I don't know, maybe go on a fucking date or something. Have some sort of romantic type interaction with another human being.
Again, I didn't do it well, but I did it.

13- Get myself on a real schedule so that maybe I can accomplish half of the things I set out to do, in a given day. Especially get my sleep schedule down, so that I don't start out the day with several less hours than I had planned on.
I have been doing really well with this lately, mostly thanks to the alarm clock my mom bought me. It has a "bed shaker" which works amazingly well.

14- Keep up with my goddamn email! Fucking hell I have so many emails! 
My email is finally under control. 

As for my bucket list, I did
26-Have sexy pictures taken. 
My sister took some really cool ones for me. 
27-Get my skin cleared up. 
It's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than it used to be. I'm chalking it up to my obsessively healthy diet, also coconut oil. 

Some other things I've done are 
1-Started the process of getting the cats fixed. 
2-Spent a lot more of my free time reading and writing and a lot less time watching TV. 
3-Got rid of all the nasty carpet in the house. 
4-Gotten to the point where I no longer eat any junk food at all. I have, in fact, completely beaten my corn chip addiction. 
5-Learned a lot about various pagan beliefs, and actually did a few rituals. 
6-Went to Phipps Conservatory, which was really quite lovely. 
7-Got, sort of, a whole new look that I'm fairly pleased with, including a hair color I like to think of as "Caprica Six blonde". 
8-Convinced my sister to start watching Supernatural. 
9-Started the process of filling in the pig mud. I'm counting this even though it made almost no difference. 
10-Even though the whole clay jewelry idea didn't pan out very well. I did make one necklace that I really like and wear every day. 

For anyone who made it through my large list of small accomplishments, I'm rewarding you with a bonus song. Also, I apologize to anyone who reads this blog but doesn't watch Supernatural; you must be so confused right now. 

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