Thursday, January 1, 2015

15 for 2015

Here is my list of goals for the coming year.

1-Some of these depend on my being able to afford to do them, so I guess the first thing would have to be making enough money to be able to do everything else.

2-Get at least most of the cats fixed before they have a chance to reproduce any more.

3-Start working on my degree again, even if only online.

4-Get the rest of those fucking wood chips into the pig field before summer (aka mudsoon season) comes back around.

5-Paint my hideous floor, and hopefully start working on some of the other redecorating type stuff I want to do.

6-Get something published......somewhere.....

7-Have an actual relationship.

8-Figure out the whole metalsmithing thing. I'm not giving up on that.

9-Seriously decide what I want to do with my life....for real.

10-Maybe get one of the eight thousand tattoos I've been wanting to get forever.

11-Have a real fight. Not like pick a fight with someone; like a planned, legitimate fight.

12-Get good enough that I feel like I could win said fight.

13-Go back to Farm Sanctuary. I've been saying that for years, but it's really depressing how long it's been since I've been there.

14-Start doing things that I enjoy. Of course, this requires that I first figure out what things I enjoy.

15-Be able to do at least one of these ......
The push-up things that is; not Oliver queen. Although that would be okay too. 

Happy New Year. 

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