Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Snow Day

I have been snowed in at my house for the past couple of days. This means that 1- I'm not getting paid, which is shitty, and 2- I've been getting pretty bored, which is both good and bad. You see I really hate being bored so, if I get bored enough, I eventually find something to do. Today I actually broke out my clay that I haven't used in months. It had been so long since I used it that it had hardened, even though it was in a sealed bag. It took a long time to get it back into a workable consistency, but after that I made several new pendants. I'm pretty pleased with the way most of them turned out. I'm thinking, since I still haven't figured out how to do metal work, I might as well keep trying with the clay.

I'm seriously considering trying to list some stuff on Etsy again. I've recently gotten a decent number of new views on Flying Pigs Jewelry's Facebook page, and I'm wondering if maybe I gave up on it too soon.
Also, I had this kind of interesting thought today about clay. Making things from clay requires use of all the elements. The clay itself is Earth, Water makes it pliable, Air dries it, and Fire makes it strong. I don't know, I just think that's kind of cool. 

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