Friday, January 16, 2015

Vegan Warrior

The first time I heard the term "vegan warrior" it was in this video, which I shared here once before.
The phrases immediately resonated with me. I just liked the sound as well as the implications of it. It seems to have really taken off since then though. The internet seems to be brimming with vegan warriors these days. If you type it in on Youtube, you will get video after video of people doing amazing things with their bodies, without the need for animal-based protein. You can also find merchandise in various online shops adorned with the words "vegan warrior". Personally, I think this is fantastic! The term itself, as well as the mindset that goes with it, breaks down some of the stereotypes about vegans, specifically that we are inherently weak and passive.   

I particularly like the idea of wearing things imprinted with it (I made myself a vegan warrior necklace, a while back, that I wear everyday) not only because other people can see it, but because it sorts of helps to remind me of who I want to be as well. It gives me a little extra push to try harder to be strong both physically and psychologically, and to stand up for my beliefs. 

However, I've found that a lot of people (primarily non-vegans) find the words "vegan" and "warrior" to be contradictory. Some even seem to find the thought of combining the two absolutely laughable. I know this from personal experience, when people have laughed after reading my necklace. I suppose I can see where they're coming from; on the surface it may seem like the two words don't make sense together. Veganism is all about nonviolence (at least to most people) and warriors are supposed to be all about violence, right? I don't really see it that way though. 

I suppose everyone who subscribes to this title probably has his or her own definition of what it really means. Here's what it means to me. First of all, anyone who chooses to represent a cause which is so far outside the norm is fighting a pretty intense battle, just because it's not a physical battle doesn't make it any less real. The more you think of yourself as a warrior the easier it becomes to fight for your beliefs, without starting to feel helpless. The second part, naturally, is the physical aspect. Whether the average person is willing to believe it or not, a vegan diet does amazing things for your body. You become healthier in general, develop a better immune system, have an easier time controlling your weight, and don't get tired as easily. If that doesn't make you a warrior, I don't know what would.   

I guess my point here is that I'm glad we vegans are finally starting to embrace our strength and show the rest of the world how powerful we really are. For so long we have been the meek, quiet people politely asking if you would like a pamphlet. Now we're starting to show people that there is so much more to us than that, and I think that's long overdue. 

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