Sunday, January 11, 2015


Remember how excited I was about finding that better brand of pig food at the place in Mannington? Well, I should have know that the idea that I could get natural, vegan, pig food without a giant pain in the ass was too good to be true. I went back there early this week to buy more and (surprise, surprise) they were out of it. I asked when they would be getting more and the guy said "Well, I don't know what date." Not "day" like it would be sometime in the next week. "Date" like it might be sometime this year, maybe.

Then he said that he had some "mixer pellets" I could feed them. Because I was desperate, I said okay. Well, once I had already paid for them and someone put them in my car (because at this place you don't get to see what you're buying until it's too late) I noticed that they were, in fact, "beef feed" and were full of all sorts of nasty chemicals and shit, including something called "animal sterol". I looked it up online and still can't quite figure out exactly what it is, but I'm fairly certain it's neither vegan nor in any way healthy. I fed it to them for the last few days anyway, because I didn't have much of a choice.

Then yesterday I went to Tractor Supply in Clarksburg to get the stuff I had been feeding them before, because I don't know where else to get the other stuff. Guess what? They were sold out! Not only that, they were sold out of all pig food. So we got to drive clear the fuck to the Morgantown Tractor Supply. There is simply no reason why buying a bag of pig food should be this much of a fucking hassle.
Seriously, what the hell!?

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