Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Here We Go Again

Last night I was on Pinterest (I should have known better. This always leads to trouble) and I clicked on this pin that had something to do with Carl Jung. It ended up leading me to one of those personality type tests. I have always thought those things were kind of interesting, but they seem to have gotten exceptionally trendy lately, so I never bothered to do one. Anyway, last night I did and it turns out I'm an INTJ. I'm still reading about it, but it seems to be fairly accurate. The real point of this post though, is that now I'm tempted to try again to get my Psychology degree. I always find this shit fascinating and I can read about it forever. Plus, it turns out that Jung had the same personality type that I do. So perhaps I'm just built for it.

I know it's stupid to bounce back and forth so much about this, but I just love psychology and hate school. So what is one to do?
I know, Dean! I know! 

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