Saturday, December 13, 2014

All This Has Happened Before

Several new guys, plus the other girl, showed up for class night. We ended up playing this "game" where we basically just kept kicking each other and whoever didn't return the kick lost a point. It was going fairly well. No one was actually bothering to keep score, but I'm pretty sure I beat this one guy pretty bad. Then we switched partners and I ended up with the instructor. Obviously, I was not going to win, but I was doing alright and mostly managing to keep up with him. He even said that I have really good range on my kicks "now if we could just get you to kick people hard." Anyway, overall it was going well .....until....he tried to knock me down and when I tried to catch my balance I hit him in the eye and knocked his contact out AGAIN! Really?! It wasn't bad enough that I did that once? Or was it just that there needed to be other people there to witness it?

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