Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Suppose It Could Be Worse

Well everyone, today is my birthday. I always try to use birthdays as motivation to make changes in my life. You know "now that I'm ???? I'm going to stop doing this, and start doing that." Mostly all that actually happens though is that I feel old and generally pissed off.

Also, Impala decided to wish me a happy birthday by pissing on the floor twice today, even though he hasn't been doing that since we got him fixed. He seems to be trying to start some sort of feud with the cats outside because the last couple of days he keeps pissing right up against the door where they always stare at each other through the glass.

Also, a couple of years ago I kind of decided that when I was 28 I was going to really get my shit together. I know it seems sort of arbitrary, but that number kept showing up a lot there for a while, so I decided that's what it meant. Anyway, I now have exactly one year to figure things out, or feel like a complete and utter failure. So yay for me.
At least my birthdays don't tend to turn out quite as shitty as Buffy's. 

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